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Student of the Week – Ron Quill

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Name: Ron Quill

Town you Live In: Nashua, NH

How long have you been dancing? Off and on, about 6 yrs

How did you get into ballroom? About 15 years ago when I lived in MA, I worked with a colleague who once served as president of MASSABDA.  He gave me recommendations and suggestions on visiting the studios in and around Boston.  One of the studios was close to my workplace at the time, so, I started taking a lessons at Arthur Murray’s in Natick, MA.  Although the classes were a fun introduction, they were also very expensive.  I stopped after several months. I didn’t reconsider learning ballroom until a few years ago when, during a cruise with several friends of mine, I saw a couple dancing East Coast Swing and remarked how I did that once long ago.  I kept talking about it to such a degree that one of my friends, Kyra, suggested that I attend classes again.  She found the Papermoon studio and convinced me to go.

Which dance do you enjoy the most? West Coast Swing.  I started learning that for a little while after stopping classes at Arthur Murray’s.  The range of music for that dance is what appeals most to me.

What is your favorite dance memory? There are several, but, one of the recent ones was when I first met AnnMarie and Elizabeth for the first time.  They came to the studio at the same time I first attended with my friend, Kyra.  I remember thinking to myself, “That’s cool.  Two friends decided to attend dance together.  Oh, they have ballet backgrounds.  Very accomplished.” (I noticed their bags had ballet motifs and markings all over them.) Took me a long while to realize that they were sisters.

What dance goal would you like to conquer next? Probably either learning International style or working towards Silver.

What are your other hobbies? Playing video games, doing exercise programs, surfing the Web, slacking

Tell us something you think most people don’t know about you. I love dogs and wish that I could raise one again were it not for my long commute.  


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