Meet the Family: Sharon Simpson

PaperMoon Dance Center Student of the Week

Name: Sharon Simpson

Town you Live In: Manchester

When did you start dancing? I did ballet as a young child, and have dabbled with different genres of dance throughout the years, but never stayed with anything long enough to perfect anything or really get to know it. 

How did you get into ballroom? I wouldn’t say I am ‘into ballroom’, I love watching it and have had on odd beginner class at PaperMoon. With my love of country music, the Western Formation piqued my interest.

Which dance do you enjoy the most? I love watching Viennese Waltz but have never done it. Of the ones I have attempted my favorite is the Foxtrot.

What is your favorite dance memory? Meeting Jim Davidson (a British comic) when I achieved a ballet certificate as a child. He asked me if I was married!!!!

What dance goal would you like to conquer next? Perform in the Western Formation without making a mistake! I have a terrible memory – hopefully I remember all the steps! Practice = Muscle Memory!!

What are your other hobbies? Photography, short distance running.

Tell us something you think most people don’t know about you. I am a Queen’s Guide. I am a hopeless romantic – give me a soppy movie any day 🙂