Group Classes

Group Classes are a great way to get your dancing started!

We’ll help you to find the classes that will improve both your skill and confidence levels!

Getting Started: simply show up at any Beginner level class the first week of the calendar month! No need to call ahead! The cost is just $15pp for your first class, or you can register for the class for the month for $36 (for a 4-week class) or $45 (for a 5-week class). Ready to start, but it’s the middle of the month? Catch up to the group class with 1 private lesson and then you can jump in! All new students are welcome to take advantage of our “New Student Special,” which includes 1 private lesson, 1 month of group classes, and 1 social dance, for just $59 per person or $99 per couple.

No Partner Necessary: Singles or couples are welcome at all group classes. Experience has shown that learning to dance with a variety of partners is the best way to improve your own dancing, as well as your ability to lead or follow, and so we rotate partners throughout all group classes. You’ll meet lots of terrific people who all love to dance, and enjoy the social aspect of this wonderful hobby!

Levels: Students are encouraged to attend classes at their current skill level and below. Beginner and basic classes are a great opportunity to practice leading and following, technique and styling. In these classes, instructors will also offer individualized suggestions to higher-level dancers to help maximize their learning experience. Students are welcome to mix and match class levels throughout the month, (for example if they are ready for Br2 Foxtrot but only Beg Bolero, they are welcome to take each dance at the corresponding level), and to take as many classes as they are currently ready for. Please take a look at the class descriptions and pre-requisites below, to help you to determine the best classes for your current dance level. Instructors are happy to advise students regarding the most appropriate current level for them in each dance; and instructors reserve the right to ask students to sit out of any class if it is beyond their current level.

Shoes: Any shoes worn in the ballroom must be clean and dry. Please change shoes in the upstairs viewing rooms and leave street shoes upstairs. Ballroom dance shoes are required for all Bronze 2 classes and above; for Beginner or Bronze 1 classes, students may wear shoes with a hard leather or vinyl sole (no sneakers or soft-rubber soled shoes). Please wear shoes with a low heel or flat, that will stay securely on your feet (no backless shoes). Closed-toed shoes are required for the following classes: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, Country Two-Step. Students may wear closed-toed or open-toed shoes for these classes: Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Bolero, Mambo, Samba, Hustle, West Coast, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Nightclub Two-Step, Bachata, Merengue.

Dress Code: Dancers are encouraged to dress in layers in case they get warm during class; short sleeve shirts are acceptable but we ask all dancers to refrain from wearing sleeveless tops. Please use perfume/cologne sparingly, if at all. Students may dress comfortably for group classes, but we ask students to refrain from jeans or sneakers for Social Dances.

Personal Belongings: Personal belongings, including water bottles, which are brought into the ballroom should be kept in the bookcase by the overhead door.

Beginner (Beg): An introduction to the basic step patterns with 3 or 4 variations. Appropriate for newcomers – no experience necessary!

Bronze 1 (Br1): For the student who can already confidently dance the basic step pattern and at least two variations in the dance of the month.

Advanced Beginner: A fast-paced class for the student who can already confidently dance other partner dances, but may be new to the dance being taught in the class. We will start with the foundations of the dance.

Bronze 2 (Br2): For the student who can already confidently dance at least five figures in the dance of the evening, with accurate footwork, poise, frame and body action. Emphasis on technique and styling.

Silver (Sil): Pre-requisite: instructor permission.

Team: This is a performance team that runs for 3-4 months and performs in costume at exhibitions and competitions at the end of the rehearsal period. New Teams generally start in mid-February, mid-June and early November. Formations are $50 per month, and Pro/Am competition fees also apply. Some dance experience necessary – please see Maria or Ray for more details.

Series: This is a month-long class focusing on 1 dance at a time. Levels vary month-to-month, and generally have a number after the name of the dance. Please see Maria or Ray for more details.

Note: Group classes run for the calendar month, and build upon the skills learned in previous weeks throughout the month. Please plan to attend for the entire month, or to catch up with a private lesson if you will be missing a week during the month, so that the class can keep moving ahead together!

Singles and couples welcome at all classes! See “Class Schedule” for which dances are being offered on specific dates.

*Look for fun group outings on the calendar too!