The couple who owns the studio are incredibly fun, yet professional, instructors. I am always challenged with something new to learn every time I take a class or attend a dance social. Good environment for all dancers, especially anyone who is particularly new to ballroom. Everyone there is very welcoming and I felt right at home. Their new studio is beautifully done and there is plenty of parking space. Highly recommend PaperMoon Dance!Valerie L Manha
Always a fun experience to learn the basics in social dancing and to advance your skills to a level suited to meeting your needs and abilities. Dance classes are expertly led by the best instructors in the area and structured to quickly build confidence and assure progress.Fred Dufault
Maria is an amazing teacher and professional partner. Competing with her has been a high point of my dance life.Brad Alderfer
Family type atmosphere which you experience when you come waltzing through the door.Jeff Proia
Awesome dance program, great selection of dance classes and very good dance instructors.Elaine Reinitzer
That is the best place for fun, friends, fashion and tripping the light fantastic.Web Dove
Great place to learn to dance with super instructors.Donald Maurer
Ray and Maria are fantastic instructors, and their dancing is wonderful.Gail M. Lynch