Student of the week – Elaine Reinitzer

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Name: Elaine Reinitzer

Town you Live In:  Hudson, NH

How long have you been dancing?  Lol, since I was a kid, started with ballet.   I did some ballroom as a teenager with my dad while living in Germany (mostly Polkas and Waltzes).

How did you get into ballroom?  I took “official” ballroom dance classes at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Manchester in the early 80’s but then didn’t dance again until about 5 years ago.

Which dance do you enjoy the most?  I like all the Rhythm dances mostly because of the good music!  It’s amazing how many of the current songs are perfect for dancing Cha Cha’s, Swing or Hustle.

What is your favorite dance memory?   Paul asked me to dance at the NCO Club in Bad Toelz, Germany where I met him.  We danced to “Nights in White Satin” by the Moody Blues and then we did a Rumba.  

What dance goal would you like to conquer next?  I’d love to get better at the Viennese Waltz and Samba.

What are your other hobbies? I love traveling, skiing, hiking, biking, gardening, and beading (making jewelry).

Tell us something you think most people don’t know about you. I grew up as a “Military Brat” and spent 13 years living in Germany which is where I got my love for travel and adventure!  Also, with regards to dance, I’ve always wanted to know how to tap dance!  I told my parents as a child I would rather tap dance than do Ballet.


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  1. Nice background story Elaine. Always a pleasure to dance with you and to see you and Paul enjoy yourselves together.

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