“Should I take private lessons, enroll in group classes, or come to social dances?”

PaperMoon Dance Center General


While we offer each of these things a la carte, we recommend that you take advantage of all three for the most effective and well-rounded dance experience possible!

Group classes are an inexpensive way to learn the basics of new patterns; or to review patterns you have already learned, to keep your skills fresh!  If you already know the figure being taught, you have a great opportunity to practice technique and styling.  Your instructor may remind you of a specific element on which to focus as you practice the pattern in class, or (s)he may introduce a new element with which to experiment.  You can also learn a lot just by watching other students in the class!  Another benefit of group classes is the practice you’ll get with your leading and following skills.  Rotating frequently gives you access to a wide range of partners, and can help you refine your physical communication skills.  Not least of all, you’ll meet and spend time with some really fun and interesting people!

Private lessons are ideal for refining what you have been learning, and ‘fixing’ anything that’s not quite right.  You can focus on the dance(s) of your choice and move at the pace that’s just right for you.  Sometimes students who only take group classes or only come to social dances have spent months or even years laboring under some very basic misconceptions that could have been cleared up in one private lesson.  Just 45 minutes with an instructor 1-on-1 would have catapulted their dancing progress forward tremendously.  During a group class, the teacher can’t give each student the individual attention (s)he needs.

Social dances are a great reminder that you’re dancing because it’s FUN!  It’s time to celebrate, and delight in the fruits of your labor!  You’ll enjoy talking and dancing with fantastic people in a party atmosphere, and you’ll experience the thrill of putting your lead/follow skills to the test when there are other couples (and lots of distractions) on the floor!  The end goal, after all, is to be able to DANCE.  Social dances can show you how far you’ve come; and can also where the holes in your knowledge are, so that you know where to focus during your upcoming group classes and social dances!  Often dancers have no problem doing individual steps in a very controlled environment; social dances give you the opportunity to string figures together and practice your transitions!  No need to try to pull off 10 fancy steps in a row – just practicing dancing one step, smoothly transitioning into a second step, and back to the first step can be exciting enough, for both the leader and the follower!  Don’t put too much pressure on yourself – just have fun and don’t take any of this too seriously!  Remember why you started the journey: to add joy and beauty to your life!

We hope you’ll find value in each of the activities we offer.  Combining this perfect trio of experiences will supercharge your learning and enjoyment of dance, without draining your wallet!