Student of the Week: Edziu Sentkowski

PaperMoon Dance Center Student of the Week

Name: Edziu Sentkowski

Town you Live In: I live in Derry.

When did you start dancing? I started dancing 10 years ago.

How did you get into ballroom? I got into ballroom because my daughter got married and I thought I had to do a formal dance so I learned a waltz and she didn’t want to do it so we just moved around and cried.

Which dance do you enjoy the most? Rumba, that would be my favorite but a VERY close second place would be ALL the other dances. Rhythm and Smooth.

What is your favorite dance memory? My favorite memory, finishing the first routine (rumba) with Suzanne. We started off with the other two couples, thank god we were in the middle. The routine was going to the front, oops. I took her to the back having a heart attack we went through all the moves at the wrong time and met up with the other couples seamlessly to finish the routine together. 😬 obviously, better lucky than skillful sometimes.

What dance goal would you like to conquer next? Goals to conquer would be, work on styling and technique and to become a better leader to all levels of dance, that’s all 😬 there’s enough there to keep me busy for life.

What are your other hobbies? Working out, snowshoeing, fishing, growing flowers in my yard, karaoke.

Tell us something you think most people don’t know about you. I am very sensitive and aware of my surroundings.