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Student of the Week – Fred Dufault

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Name: Fred DufaultFred Maria Waltz

Town you Live In: West Groton, MA.

How long have you been dancing?  Nine years.

How did you get into ballroom?  Ballroom dance seemed like a natural extension of my competitive artistic roller skating interests inspired by my former dance skating partner Susan Fraser.  Some of the skills associated with dance and figure skating transfer nicely onto the dance floor; however, a few of the muscle memory movements developed in skating tend to present some unexpected challenges to a beginner ballroom dancer.  Definitely requiring a refocusing upon a new learning experience.

Which dance do you enjoy the most?  I truly enjoy all of the dances I have learned, but find a Waltz to be particularly enjoyable.

What is your favorite dance memory?  I think my favorite dance memory goes back to my first ballroom competition at the Yankee Classic in the Beginner Pro-Am event with my dance teacher, Maria Huard.  It is truly an unforgettable experience complete with the nerve shattering, “OMG how will I ever make it through remembering the lessons taught in each of three dances”!  I owe my survival of that first experience to that of my coach who expertly guided me (no pulled, dragged and verbally assured me I would survive).

What dance goal would you like to conquer next? Probably the most important question of all! Conquering my habit of looking downward as I move through any given dance would help to improve posture, dance lines and control of movement.  I can recall a highly respected skating teacher and judge once affirming that the confidence projected by a head held high can be worth as much as five points.

What are your other hobbies?  Another hobby interest I find particularly enjoyable is designing and constructing fine woodworking projects.  Such projects might include cabinets for a variety of purposes, cocktail and end tables, fireplace enclosures and other occasional furniture items.

Tell us something you think most people don’t know about you.  Something most may not know about me.  (oh, oh):  I truly am honored to have served a twenty-one year naval career affording me considerable world travel, challenging shipboard experiences including lots of advanced training and a post career college education.


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  1. Wow! Not to mention what a fine and generous dance partner you are, Fred!
    You look fabulous in that suit.
    Maria, you’ve given all of us a double life, with double the fun, too.

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