Frequently Asked Questions

Ballroom dancing is kind of a catch-all term used to classify any of a number of lead-and-follow partner dances. The most common dances fall into two categories: Smooth such as Waltz and Foxtrot and Rhythm which includes some Latin dances such as Cha-cha and Rumba as well as Swing. At most social ballroom dances, you will also see an occasional New York Hustle. Learn more about each ballroom dance here!
Absolutely not! We will make sure there is someone there to dance with you. Because ballroom dancing is based on a lead-and-follow principle, you will actually become a better dancer in a shorter period of time if you experience dancing with different partners.
We have a very simple and very competitive pricing structure — simply pay as you go. We do not ask you to commit to an “Introductory Package” or sign a contract. View our pricing structure here!
Dress comfortably for classes. Jeans are acceptable. At the social dances, you will see everything from casual to evening wear.
You don’t have to have special shoes to enjoy ballroom dancing, but it is important that the shoes you wear allow you to turn easily on a finished wooden floor. Leather soles are a good choice, and suede soles are best.

Most people who intend to dance on a fairly regular basis find that a good pair of specially designed dance shoes are well worth the nominal investment. We’ll be glad to help you find the pair that is right for you.

**Sneakers and some types of hard rubber-soled shoes can be too “grippy” and leave marks on the floor.

Everyone learns at a different pace – experience, coordination, commitment, and choice of dance styles are all important factors. We recommend that you participate in a combination of private lessons, group classes, and social dances. This will help you learn technique quickly and retain the new information.

For weddings, wee are confident that we can have you dancing comfortably at your reception after about 6 private lessons.

Helping you prepare to dance at your wedding reception is one of our specialties! We have helped hundreds of couples get ready for their very special day. Visit our special Wedding Dance page for more information!
Email anytime or call between the hours of 9am-9pm, Sunday through Saturday. Our staff will respond to phone calls or emails within 24 hours. Contact us here!