Student of the Week – William Hau

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Name: Wil20141030_142619liam Hau

Town You Live In: Nashua, NH

How long have you been dancing? Since November of 2016

How did you get into ballroom? One night in November 2016 I decided to overcome my fear about dancing before I am 30 then I went to Papermoon the next day.

Which dance do you enjoy the most? Waltz. I recently watched the movie La La Land, the elegance of dancing especially Waltz blew my mind.

What is your favorite dance memory? All my dancing memory happened in Papermoon so far, it is only 6 months, but I am slowly improving and start to enjoy dancing.

What dance goal would you like to conquer next? Short term, I want to learn V-Waltz. Long term, I want to be confident with my ballroom dancing skills.

What are your other hobbies? I love good food, so I like to do “restaurant tours”(try 5 best burger in NYC in 1 Day, etc) and use those taste memories for cooking experiment. I like travelling, especially road-trips because “on the road” feels awesome. I practice Kendo (like a Jedi) and I play Baseball in the summer. Also I am a beginner Marvel fan (I have decals on my Jeep and I met Stan Lee at Comic Con), I like to watch Rally car racing and go to live music.

Tell us something you think most people don’t know about you. I have social anxiety, so I always feel hard meet with people and I thought the only possibility for me to dance with a stranger would be in virtual reality, because there’s no physical contact.


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